Ekaterina ( 2020-11-17)

EkaYesterday I had second lesson in Lithuanian about numbers. Omg, it is so hard :) because there is nothing common with English and number’s names are so long. I challenge myself to study some.
So today we had small interview with local television. if I say truth, I was nervous, because it was my first time, I think I talk too fast. We will see it soon. My family is waiting.
Then we want to school and I realized how I missed it. But bad news: teachers don’t think that school will start soon. We have to continue teams meetings, it makes me sad but there is nothing to do.
Then we want to school museum. I have to mention that woman, who took us to Excursion, because she was so impressive for me, very active and funny woman. Did not knew English but she said: I will explain it with body language and she really did! She told that school’s history starts from 1975 year and introduced us famous and successful graduates.
We left our notes at school’s book and I don’t know why but I felt so proud. ^_^
Our guide gifted us hand-made knitted things. People say Lithuanians are rude a little bit, I can’t accept it.as Rodrigo said today, they are really helping us to feel comfortable and happy here. and I really  appreciate it.
Hope will see her and school soon again. 


EkaI’m sure all students know what is tolerance and I’m not going to start of explaining this concept. I just want to share my thoughts with you.
When teachers told us about tolerance’s day and asked to speak about our country’s experience, first thing that came to my mind was the situation, when I first heard that word- Tolerance.
I was at 4th or 5th grade. Our teacher came and told us that we will have new subject- called tolerance. We were confused. I think teacher was confused too about what it was J
So after that, I remember adults saying: why to teach this to kids? We are tolerant nation anyways? They can teach math or science in that time. Some of them were connecting this to globalization. Some of them even with worse disasters. They were saying: why to use this “American” word.
Now I think that these opinions were proof why we needed to teach this at school. I think, Georgia is conservative country, mostly. We are little bit of afraid of new things. Even afraid of the word- tolerance. I often think, why it is like that?

I think it will be correct if I divide history of Georgian tolerance to before and after USSR. As you know, Georgia was part of USSR, like Lithuania. So I think many things will be common.
Before USSR, in 11th century we had women queen- Tamar. Women in politics was so strange in that time. Georgia always was mixed country. There is ethnic diversity, religion diversity, cultural diversity… our governors tried to have good relationships with other Minorities.
But then, USSR happened. There everything was censored and controlled. You could not write or say what you wanted. You just were part of the system, not a person. I think that explains much.
After USSR we had revolutions, ethnic wars, we lost our territories. That was because we did not know what tolerance was.
I think, Modern Georgia is more tolerant now, but there are difficulties. I think it comes from older age people. People of my age think different.
For me tolerance is all about that. Just be ready for new things, sometimes these new things are different from you, from your lifestyle. You are not Obliged to try it, love it. You just have to accept it. Accept the fact that there are people who does not look, act or dress like. And then, you will see, how wonderful world can be.
I was studying sociology for 4 years. And you ask me to say what I have learned in that 4 years in one sentence, I will say : we have to be tolerant, because people are different and that is why our world is interesting.


RodrigoThe first day I came to the Gymnasium I didn’t know I was going to get into a class and introduce myself and I did it with two different classes. I went with Gintare who is kind of my mentor in the school and she introduced me and helped me about how to act with pupils. I was quite nervous in my first lesson and I had the feeling of I couldn’t connect with the youngsters how I would wish. The second lesson it was much better. I could ‘warm up’ and there was more chemistry between students and me. We could chat about ourself and I was relaxed and trying to bring some topics to talk about.
I could go just for a week but I met some of the teachers and personal from the school. I came for four or five lessons per day in a week and I went to a music class where the students were singing and they asked me to play the guitar (I need to prepare myself and study again because I haven’t played the guitar since 2014). Also, I went to a dance lesson where I joined the youngsters and the taught me a traditional dance. I had really fun and I felt as a new member of the community. That’s a beautiful feeling.
Right now, I’m trying to find some activities online with the students using some meeting program as could be Discord or Zoom. One of these activities is a cinema club. We will look for movies that can be interesting for all of us somehow and important in history of cinema. So, we can learn from cinema at different things and we will discuss and debate about them in online meetings.