Impressions about Lithuania (Ekaterina)

EkaFirst thing that made me surprised about Lithuania was that in 6 hour driving from Riga to Marijampole, I only saw beautiful fields and not mountains at all.
First 10 days, I was in self-isolation and only was allowed to go to parks. You really have wonderful parks here. poetry park is my favorite, with river Šešupė and ducks. And also, so nice wall paintings. Discovering them was so fun and interesting.
First Lithuanian dish that Me and Rodrigo tried was cepelinai. If I say truth, they did not look so delicious, but they are good. I’ve only tried two kind of dishes from potatoes in my life: fried and smashed. And here, in Lithuania, I tried so many kinds of dishes, made from potatoes in different ways.
The interesting and weird fact for me was when you changed time. As I know, you call it winter time. For me it was like time traveling and I decided to coincide it with my first alone traveling and went to Kaunas. That was really unforgettable experience for me. I saw quite a lot, but my favorite was Upper Station of Žaliakalnis Funicular Railway. So yellow and so cute. It really felt like time traveling. And of course, I took a photo with pink elephant. I loved Kaunas. Old town, with colorful buildings. Kaunas castle- like Dracula’s house.
Oh, there I also saw Georgian restaurant.
Seems like you like Georgian cuisine here, because I saw Georgian restaurant in Vilnius too.
2 days ago I was in Vilnius and today I think that it is the most amazing city I’ve ever seen. I decided to not to plan many: just walk in the city. So in almost every corner I was seeing wonderful things. I think, Vilnius has something to tell to everyone who is traveling there. My favorite story, that Vilnius told to me was about Užupis. I think now I am spelled by that mermaid and really want to return back there and I will, because there is much to discover ^.^