16 November 2021 (Nikolaj V.Lassen)

imageI’ve been thinking a lot these last few hours on what to write.

These last few months have sure been an eye opener to me. From having classes to taking walks along Šešupė lake, it has been an interesting journey so far. For example, there have been multiple events at the gymnasium. Teacher’s day, school’s birthday, Halloween, and today it’s tolerance day. In all the schools I’ve been to in my life, no school has ever celebrated as much as Suduvos gimnazija. Students and teachers enjoy the festivities and are creative with dances and decorations. Danish schools certainly could learn something from them. Else I have had the pleasure of having my family visit me for a few days. They also enjoyed Marijampole, and were happy to be here. Together we travelled to Kaunas and Vilnius where we were tourists for a few days. As the months fly by, so does the daylight get smaller, and I can feel it affecting my mood lately. I have been self-reflecting, thinking about what I’m feeling, although it’s hard to find an answer. Am I lonely? Am I happy? Does my work even matter?  All these questions I constantly think about and honestly, I have no clear answer. I’m happy people have started being more social with me, as I’m a very outgoing person who loves to talk and listen to them. Else I have just been relaxing in the city. Taken pictures, been to the cinema or just taking walks in the different parks in Marijampole.

Signing off for now.

About these last few days ( Khatia)

182493324 4621110501235755 5333617837873548166 nI was very excited to meet students at the gymnasium. As it is, a new experience, I felt a huge responsibility and I felt very curious about the environment. I was nicely surprised by the friendly, welcoming students and the staff. The teachers are very nice and communicative to me. The students are nice as well, and I hope we will do so many interesting things together in the future. These weeks I was doing a presentation for all the classes I will be working with and telling them about me and my country Georgia. I was happy when they were asking some questions at the end of the presentation and showing their interest in the topic. I feel very safe and comfortable in the city of Marijampole. I hope I will make some local friends and will collect the sweet memories.

About these last few days:

imageAs soon as I got the assignment, make a presentation about you and your country, small gears in my heads were turning. One thing is explaining to young people about Denmark and even about me, but another thing is trying to make it fun or just durable, so you won’t fall asleep after slide number 3.
So. The first thing I did was make myself some tea, plug in my charger, and then I started doing research about my own country. It was weird, I even had put a post on Facebook asking my friends from Denmark what to mention to you guys, and as they came with ideas I myself also found out some great details, like Scarlett Johansson being Danish, or the fact we burned witches because women were a threat to the church around the 15th century.
Finally, the first day of presenting was here, and I showed it to the students. I remember that I did not rehearse at all, and I was really tired as I couldn’t sleep because I was so nervous presenting what I made for the students. As I stood up and made everything ready, I looked down on everyone, and I just started talking. Some things went well, other things I could improve overtime. The presentation ended, and I made adjustments for the future classes, since I found out that I had to make this about 10 more times.
Now that I’m finished with the presentation, I feel it was fun, interesting and also exciting. The students were nice most of the times and I hope to do it again in the future.