Mariam Kokashvili ( Sakartvelas)-My expectations about Lithuania

54799041 578650985976330 2852038290918342656 nWhen I was leaving my home country, Sakartvelo, everyone was saying that It’ll be really hard for me, but I really had my admirable expectations and was so excited. It’s already 3weeks that I’m here, Everything exceeded expectations. People’s treatment of me, I feel like I’m living here for years. (What I can’t say about the weather:) I’ woking in Gymnasium from 9th to 12th graders, they’re really nice to me, asking me questions, they’re interested about Georgia’s culture, schools, dishes… I’m expecting that this 8months will change my life and every student’s life in Gymnasium, because me and Anastasia are going to have great After school clubs for them. Everything is still ahead with my Big Family.

Anastasiia (Ukraine): My first impression of Lithuania

DSC 2387Lithuania met me with cloudy weather and a slight drizzle. For the first time in my life, I was feeling myself like “an Englishmen in New York” or an alien in the foreign country. However, my first feelings were wrong and far from reality. That I understood after meeting the teachers and students at the gymnasia. We had talked for a while and then I realized that I was feeling myself so calm and safe like I was at my parents’ house. Meeting other teachers and students I was surrounded by so caring and polite people. They asked about my country – Ukraine – and expressed words of admiration for the strength of my country and Ukrainians. From that moment, I realized how supportive and generous Lithuanians are.
I explore new places and sights every day and each time they impress me with their magnificence. The students really won my heart. I was lucky to teach them English after a week in Marijampole. First day was a little bit difficult and tense. The students were shy and I think sometimes even scared to ask anything or to communicate. My personal stories and jokes helped me to find the right approach to the students and the ice was broken. I am happy to do my job with so intelligent and interesting youngsters.

Nikolaj V. Lassen ( Danija)

It has been good coming back to Lithuania, and in general Suduva, after the Christmas break.
January has been filled with snow and excitement as well as rain and boredom.
But the most exciting thing I can write about, is what happened last week.
The entire last week, Suduvos Gymnasium had other Erasmus students come visit. People from Turkey, Romania and Macedonia arrived and were welcomed to the school. We did a lot of different activities during the week. Workshops about what to do better in school as well as sightseeing around in Lithuania. We visited the culture center in Vilnius where we learned about Lithuanian history, and later on we also traveled to Kaunas to see old castles and the city.
It's been a fun journey so far, and it’s first now I actually realize that 5 months have passed, as well as half my time here in Lithuania.
A lot of things have happened already, and it still feels like yesterday when I arrived at
Kaunas airport.
I’m excited to see what the rest of the 5 months has to offer