Ekaterina ( 2020-11-17)

EkaYesterday I had second lesson in Lithuanian about numbers. Omg, it is so hard :) because there is nothing common with English and number’s names are so long. I challenge myself to study some.
So today we had small interview with local television. if I say truth, I was nervous, because it was my first time, I think I talk too fast. We will see it soon. My family is waiting.
Then we want to school and I realized how I missed it. But bad news: teachers don’t think that school will start soon. We have to continue teams meetings, it makes me sad but there is nothing to do.
Then we want to school museum. I have to mention that woman, who took us to Excursion, because she was so impressive for me, very active and funny woman. Did not knew English but she said: I will explain it with body language and she really did! She told that school’s history starts from 1975 year and introduced us famous and successful graduates.
We left our notes at school’s book and I don’t know why but I felt so proud. ^_^
Our guide gifted us hand-made knitted things. People say Lithuanians are rude a little bit, I can’t accept it.as Rodrigo said today, they are really helping us to feel comfortable and happy here. and I really  appreciate it.
Hope will see her and school soon again.