Nikolaj V. Lassen ( Danija)

It has been good coming back to Lithuania, and in general Suduva, after the Christmas break.
January has been filled with snow and excitement as well as rain and boredom.
But the most exciting thing I can write about, is what happened last week.
The entire last week, Suduvos Gymnasium had other Erasmus students come visit. People from Turkey, Romania and Macedonia arrived and were welcomed to the school. We did a lot of different activities during the week. Workshops about what to do better in school as well as sightseeing around in Lithuania. We visited the culture center in Vilnius where we learned about Lithuanian history, and later on we also traveled to Kaunas to see old castles and the city.
It's been a fun journey so far, and it’s first now I actually realize that 5 months have passed, as well as half my time here in Lithuania.
A lot of things have happened already, and it still feels like yesterday when I arrived at
Kaunas airport.
I’m excited to see what the rest of the 5 months has to offer