RodrigoWhen we came to Lithuania we could go to the gymnasium and meet the teachers and students only for one week, due to Covid restrictions. Since then, we started to look for new and online ways to participate in different activities. It wasn’t that easy because the students were really busy with the school. I had the idea that creating a cinema club with them and watching and discussing movies with them it was a good idea that they might enjoy. We made just a few lessons because, as a said before, they were really busy in the evening too with their homework so they were not joining.
In the meanwhile, we found some activities that were really interesting like participating in different online activities during lessons time or meeting with our tutors on Fridays’ evening for a cuisine exchange: we ate Lithuanian, Spanish and Georgian food and learnt from each other in those meetings.
At that point, Christmas was getting closer and we didn’t have any plan to spend our time on that dates. I thought that the best option for me was going back home and see my family and friends as long as the situation in Lithuania was that bad. I went there and I still could participate in the online activities we were having like the meetings related with the Tolerance Day and the Independence Day, where students and volunteers we shared a little bit of our cultures and point of view; those were really nice meetings.
My stay in Spain was a little longer than what we expected, but I came back because I still had many things to do here and I felt that I needed to end what I started a few months before. The cinema club didn’t work, when I was back here, I thought that I needed to find a new project that could give me the opportunity to meet the students in person and work with them. That’s why we are going to start a photography project where they’re going to be protagonist and artist at the same time.
Even though, it has been great that I could enjoy the quietness of this city, the snowy and cold days on February where we couldn’t go out and the sunny days we have lived since spring days where we can see everybody going out for a walk and for riding their bikes. Here I’m enjoying small details and good things, being quite and learning everyday about myself and about other’s people culture and perspective and that’s always a positive thing. I’m waiting for the good weather and less restrictions so I will be able to discover more and more about this beautiful country before my program is over.