So, the longest winter of my is over, finally.

Eka1And I guess it's time, to sum up everything that we did here, during our volunteering project and share it with you.
First things first and I want to say that time went so fast, but looking back to my memories I realize how many things we did, how many new experiences we gained here, in this small but beautiful town.
I often shared the history of my country with students. You can't even imagine how grateful I am for this opportunity. I recognized common things between Georgia and Lithuania when students were sharing their presentations about their country. Once We had a presentation about independence's day and even dates were the same for our countries. After presentations we had a quiz and students did it very well. I was so proud.
From time to time Me and Rodrigo where moderating student's discussion. In these activities, I was impressed, not only because of their English skills, but also how smart, how bright-minded they are. They are shy, and first I was afraid to force them talking but I know that they all have things to say out loud, to share. That's a reason why covid-19 annoys me, we could motivate them more if we could meet in real life, not in teams.
I often heard that Lithuanian's are cold, not so open people. I strongly disagree with it. good example for this is Sūduvos gymnasium community for me. teachers and of course, Ricardas J they always try to include us in their activities. They support our ideas and they are always ready for help. I see how this school loves challenges, doing interesting activities, new ideas, this is the so amazing.
I have to be honest: My favorite activity was food nights. It was quite tasty introducing with cultures.
Also, "step challenge''. We are counting steps at the end of the day, I unexpectedly won it last week. This challenge showed me Marijampole from another side. First I felt like I was a guest here. now, I feel almost local, because I know every instagramable place of this small town.
Lastly, I want to say that We came here with lots of expectations, but volunteering during the pandemic was not so easy. I still have a feeling that everything could be different, better, more exciting. But if no covid-19, I'd still have this feeling, because in these times we are always hurried, want to do everything at once and we don't have time to just settle down and think, how beautiful small details are in life. But these small details make our life, they make us, they make changes. And I'm so happy that I learned this here.