My story (Khatia)

182493324 4621110501235755 5333617837873548166 nIt is not easy to live in a different country far from your friends and family but that is where independence starts. Last month has been quite interesting for me. Some days I was just staying home and chilling and somedays was busy doing lots of stuff in a day. We went to Druskininkai. It was such a beautiful city and I can say during this two day trip I learned and discovered a lot. I tried Sakotis a delicious cake with a very extraordinary look and also the way it is made is extraordinary too. I tried to make it myself. I had lots of fun in Water park. That really was an unforgettable experience and even though I am not good at swimming I had crazy moments in the big pool. I also had very interesting classes at school that were challenging.  I had classes with so many students and it was not easy but I think I dealt with it pretty well. The weather is sort of affecting my mood sometimes and now that winter is almost here days start to shorten which does not make me happy at all.  But that is something I have to be patient about. In general, I like to spend time here and take lonely walks in the park where sometimes I encounter sweet funny rabbits.