RodrigoThe first day I came to the Gymnasium I didn’t know I was going to get into a class and introduce myself and I did it with two different classes. I went with Gintare who is kind of my mentor in the school and she introduced me and helped me about how to act with pupils. I was quite nervous in my first lesson and I had the feeling of I couldn’t connect with the youngsters how I would wish. The second lesson it was much better. I could ‘warm up’ and there was more chemistry between students and me. We could chat about ourself and I was relaxed and trying to bring some topics to talk about.
I could go just for a week but I met some of the teachers and personal from the school. I came for four or five lessons per day in a week and I went to a music class where the students were singing and they asked me to play the guitar (I need to prepare myself and study again because I haven’t played the guitar since 2014). Also, I went to a dance lesson where I joined the youngsters and the taught me a traditional dance. I had really fun and I felt as a new member of the community. That’s a beautiful feeling.
Right now, I’m trying to find some activities online with the students using some meeting program as could be Discord or Zoom. One of these activities is a cinema club. We will look for movies that can be interesting for all of us somehow and important in history of cinema. So, we can learn from cinema at different things and we will discuss and debate about them in online meetings.