Ekaterina ( 2020-11-26)

 EkaOn weekends we went to Buktos Pažintinis Takas.it felt like we were going on a family trip or something like that. It was a really beautiful forest, near Marijampole. I wonder how beautiful it will be in the snow. I took a hundred or more photos there J I missed seeing new places because of this corona, I am only able to go to the parks and feed ducks there. By the way, there are 25 ducks in this lake, near the school and I already named them all. I feel like Holden Caulfield. Have you read that book? Catcher in the Rye. I think every teenager should read it because if you feel a little bit lost, you will know that there is Holden, who can become your best friend and you are not alone in this.
 I try to manage some things about my idea- a school magazine. Hope it will go well, I have some ideas and waiting for motivated students ^.^
 P.S. I found out a new thing about Marijampole: you have a sugar factory here, so that is why it smelled like fresh-baked eclairs or croissants in the mornings. I thought the problem was in me – in my addiction to sweets, but now I feel better about it.