Days at Sūduvos gimnazija

EkaAfter 14 days of self-isolation and covid-test, finally- back to school.
If I say truth, I was nervous. I had no experience of working with students but always wanted to try it. So I was excited too. I knew that school was really waiting for us, for volunteers. Our tutor- Gintare told us that. Also, some students wrote me and that was so sweet. as I know, me and Rordigo are first volunteers at your school. And it is big responsibility for us, to do our best.
First day at school was great. I was so happy, phoned all my friends and told them I amazing it was. Children took us at school tour. They were so friendly. Some of them were shy, but I think it is so normal, we have time to became really good friends.
On the other day, we had our presentations about our countries and about ourselves. I was really proud when I was talking about Sakartvelo.
we went to music and dance class too. Children are so talented, they are singing so good. We danced Waltz too. (thanks Lukas for being my partner) and also, we danced Dula. If I say truth, it was too hard for me, Rodrigo did it better. :D
after communicating with children, my nervousness is gone, now I have some ideas to share with them.
I think, Teachers took us as their co-workers and that made me more motivated. Director remind me of my school’s director. she gifted us presents and Lithuanian chocolate (I loved it). Everyone is so nice with us and because of that it is much easier to live here. and yes, hope Ricardas will teach me some magic tricks someday :D
I already miss the school.
see you after quarantine ^.^