About these last few days:

imageAs soon as I got the assignment, make a presentation about you and your country, small gears in my heads were turning. One thing is explaining to young people about Denmark and even about me, but another thing is trying to make it fun or just durable, so you won’t fall asleep after slide number 3.
So. The first thing I did was make myself some tea, plug in my charger, and then I started doing research about my own country. It was weird, I even had put a post on Facebook asking my friends from Denmark what to mention to you guys, and as they came with ideas I myself also found out some great details, like Scarlett Johansson being Danish, or the fact we burned witches because women were a threat to the church around the 15th century.
Finally, the first day of presenting was here, and I showed it to the students. I remember that I did not rehearse at all, and I was really tired as I couldn’t sleep because I was so nervous presenting what I made for the students. As I stood up and made everything ready, I looked down on everyone, and I just started talking. Some things went well, other things I could improve overtime. The presentation ended, and I made adjustments for the future classes, since I found out that I had to make this about 10 more times.
Now that I’m finished with the presentation, I feel it was fun, interesting and also exciting. The students were nice most of the times and I hope to do it again in the future.