About Lithuania (Rodrigo)

RodrigoWhen I came to Lithuania, I thought that it was a little bit bigger than it really is. At least, towns and cities I have been are smaller than what I expected. For example, Marijampole is one of the biggest cities in Lithuania (5th or 6th) but for me and for where I come from it’s a just a town. Not a big one. At first, it was shocking for me, but I’m still enjoying it, because it’s kind of a place where I feel comfortable living at. Small, quite and not noisy town.

Having Marijampole has an example, when I went to Kaunas it was completely different what I expected as well. I thought it was going to be a noisy city, with stressed people running from one place to another. But I think I didn’t meet Kaunas and Vilnius as they really are, because of this Covid situation. Streets, restaurants and cultural places were almost empty.
I guess it’d be quite different from what I saw. But I still enjoyed walking by myself with almost nobody one else in Vilnius Gatve or in Gedimino Prospektas. I could stay only for two nights in Kaunas but I think I could visit the most important places, expect the Museo Žmuidzinavičius so I will try to visit next time because it’s really interesting for me.
I spent in Vilnius five nights so I could visit more places like MO museum or smaller and independent art galleries. I stayed in a hostel in Užupis, which is a bohemian neighborhood in Vilnius old town. It had been traditionally a cultural place where artists wanted to work and share the special environment people can feel there. This district declared itself an independent republic. That was quite interesting for me so I spent there most of the time. I visited many more places as could be the university or some of the many churches Vilnius has. But my favorite place was with no doubt the MO museum, a contemporary art gallery with a really interesting and different cultural experience.