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EkaIn 2018, State Language Department of Georgia on 11 May, made decision- the Baltic state of Lithuania in Georgian will be called Lietuva. The decision was a friendly gesture: on 3 May, the State Committee for the Lithuanian Language changed Georgia’s name to Sakartvelas in Lithuanian.
2 years ago I was working at Georgian national museum. There I met one Lithuanian guy and he asked me for some recommendations about dishes to try, places to visit, things to do end etc. then we talked about our countries. When I told him that fact, he was so happy and proud. Like me, when I found out it. Asked about what differences he sees between our countries. It was autumn when we met. And he said: you have so much sun here. Usually, autumn in Georgia is rainy. And I was surprised when he mentioned it, and then he added: much more rainy- than in Sakartvelo.
So before coming here, I only knew few things: that Lithuania is Baltic country, was part of USSR, capital of Lithuania, Vilnius is so beautiful. Lithuania has really good friendship with my country (as my new Lithuanian friend said- like brothers from another mother) and it always rains!
So when Aiste, my coordinator in this project, asked me, what difficulties I am excepting in this project- I said: that it always rains, but it is okay, I will bring my colorful umbrellas!
Coming here was so fast decision so I did not much time to create a lot of expectations about Lithuania. And I think it was good, because now everything is new and it makes me more excited about this country.
It is almost one month since I am here. and met so many people. This is my favorite part about new countries. And I can say it for sure- Lithuanians are so warm and so friendly. For example: teachers at my school. I don’t feel like I am foreign for them. Gintare is like my Lithuanian mum. And of course, kids! They are so amazing, So polite, so bright and so smart.
There are a lot of little things that can’t be written. For now, I have so many mixed emotions and I am trying to sort them, but one thing is for sure: here I feel like I am at home. That was thing that I was afraid the most. And did not expected that everything would be this easy with whole new country, whole new culture. But everything is better than I expected (and I like this kind of surprises)
Ačiū to Lithuania and Lithuanians for this.

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