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On the 18th May,2017,at 6 o‘clock in the morning five students of Marijampolė‘s Sūduvos Gymnasium: Kornelija Skarolskytė, Airinga Naujokaitė, Paulina Čingaitė, Adriana Giliūtė and Danielė Vaškelytė together with their teachers Jūratė Rudminienė and Loreta Žaliauskienė went to Romania, Cluj-Napoca, to participate in the 2nd mobility of Erasmus+ project. The European Union makes it much easier to travel from one country to another and  experience a lot of unforgettable moments.

 The mobility lasted seven days. All students lived with their Romanian hosts (and their families) who will visit Lithuania next year. A week-lasting Matbuc Project in Cluj was well-organised and full of various activities from 8 am to 6 pm. A couple of days were full of trips to different places where we had a chance to explore famous landmarks, places notable for their artistic heritage. At school we were shooting a movie - scenario of which was written by Romanian students. We also took interviews from the other participants of the project, explored Brancusi‘s works, participated in drawing, painting, land art and ceramics workshops. All those things we did together even though it was our first time seeing each other.
 Matbuc project is based on its moto „Making art together brings us closer“. This project specializes in artistic field, but its main idea is to make people closer, to communicate, to explore different culture, to improve English skills, to develop creativity and to find a way to use it, to broaden our horizon and cross our boundaries, to relax and to just have fun together. Those are also the reasons why participants decided to join the project. Even though we experienced a few hardships and cultural shocks in the beginning, on the last day we had trouble saying goodbye to our new friends and wanted to stay in Cluj some more. We are absolutely satisfied and happy and we are already waiting for our new friends next year to make art together while getting closer.
Kornelija Skarolskytė IIC

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