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Atgal  Nuotrauka 1/2  Pirmyn

On the 18th May,2017,at 6 o‘clock in the morning five students of Marijampolė‘s Sūduvos Gymnasium: Kornelija Skarolskytė, Airinga Naujokaitė, Paulina Čingaitė, Adriana Giliūtė and Danielė Vaškelytė together with their teachers Jūratė Rudminienė and Loreta Žaliauskienė went to Romania, Cluj-Napoca, to participate in the 2nd mobility of Erasmus+ project. The European Union makes it much easier to travel from one country to another and  experience a lot of unforgettable moments.

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Atgal  Nuotrauka 1/3  Pirmyn

From 14th to 20th November, 2016 5 students and 2 teachers of our gymnasium participated in the 1st mobility of Erasmus+ Project Making Art Together Brings Us Closer“ in France. There we met Project partners from Romania, Italy and France and started working on Project activities. Since our Project is closely related to developing creativity, we had a great opportunity to measure ourselves in different roles, apply our own knowledge and experience something new. France, the coordinating country of the Project, gave us a chance to get acquainted with peculiarities of their French lifestyle. While living in host families, going to school, sampling local cuisine, participating in daily activities we felt like real French and it helped us in understanding our differences, discovering our similarities and overcoming stereotypical attitudes. Visiting places which were often paced by one of the most prominent artists Paul Cezanne and drawing/painting there became an invaluable experience.

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From September 2016 our gymnasium has been participating in activities of an international Erasmus+ (K2 Strategic Partnerships in the field of school education) Project Making Art Together Brings Us Closer. The project is funded by Erasmus+ Programme which is administered by Education Exchanges Support Foundation in the Republic of Lithuania.

   Our school collaborates with colleagues from three foreign countries: France (Lycée Georges Duby), Romania (Liceul De Arte Vizuale Romulus Ladea) and Italy (Liceo Scientifico Statale "G. Galilei). The main objective of the project is twofold: - With artistic creation in a transnational context, we invite participants to demonstrate their talents and energies, we promote the linguistic diversity of the Union and participate in the awareness and dissemination of its intercultural dimension; - With the use of ICT we aim to improve the level of skills and abilities for enhanced versatility and employability.

   The Project will last for two years. The first meeting is planned on 14-20 November in France. During the Project students will get acquainted with the culture of different countries, improve their language and artistic skills, measure themselves in a variety of roles. We hope, it will encourage them to face different life challenges, take interest in innovations and share their experience.

Jurate Rudminiene, coordinator of the project



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